Aqua Marooned! Digital Press, Marketing & Outreach Kit

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Aqua Marooned!, a card game created for the Alliance for Watershed Education (AWE) as part of Lenapehoking~Watershed: a wide-ranging, multifaceted art project that opens audience awareness to the Delaware River watershed and the lands that surround it.

Aqua Marooned! encourages appreciation and emotional connection to the flora and fauna of the region, fosters a love of nature and is also just ridiculously fun to play. Using quick wit, sensory awareness and physical skill players connect with the landscape of the watershed as a whole.Card decks are available at AWE sites spanning three states as well as a number of auxiliary partner locations and are always FREE to take. Players can use the Aqua Marooned! core deck to generally explore nature anywhere they find it while the game’s 19 center expansion decks add in content specific to the mission of the site. Our extra special Lenape expansion deck, created under the guidance of a Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape advisory circle, offers an expanded series of cards that bring Indigenous insight and perspective to gameplay.

This page serves as a hub for information, marketing and outreach tools for the project. Click the links below to access materials and always feel free to email the contacts at the bottom of the page with further requests or needs.

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