War of the Worlds: Philadelphia

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An intergalactic force of unknown origin called “The Forgetting” is infecting Philadelphia, causing citizens across the city to lose their memories. You are invited to join an exclusive team of terrestrial freedom fighters working to avoid a catastrophic future where our collective memory is lost. Explore the storied rooms of the Calvary Center for Culture and Community to unlock the secrets of this mysterious ‘alien’ disturbance. Join forces with your friends and neighborhoods to protect Philadelphia’s stories. This interactive game invites you to hear and share community stories, solve puzzles, and discover hidden histories.

This interactive game/theater performance was created in collaboration with the Drexel Entrepreneurial Game Studio and presented in prototype form Halloween weekend, 2017.


Theatrical Director: Adrienne Mackey
Game Design Director: Frank Lee
Playwright/Dramaturg: L Feldman
Co-conceived and Performed by: Anita Holland, Aram Aghazarian, & Erlina Ortiz
with a Special Appearance by: Catherine Palfenier Hagele
Theatrical & Graphic Designer: Maria Shaplin
Community Engagement Coordinator: Liz Green
Lead Game Designer: Stefan Rank
Assistant Game Designer: Karishma Changlani
Sound Designer: Bhob Rainey
Game Design Co-Investigator: Jichen Zhu
Project Manager: Corey Arnold
Performance Manager: Samantha Wend

Special thanks to early-stage creator/collaborators: Arianna Gass, Lee Ann Etzold, and Catherine Palfenier Hagele

A Co-Production with the Drexel Entrepreneurial Game Studio
With funding from the William Penn Foundation

TESTIMONIALS from the audience

“It is the most imaginative uses of Calvary space I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been here fifteen years”

“Great and engaging event. Opens a new perspective on community. Brings closer to people in local neighborhoods.”