SWIM PONY is here to create new works of live performance
that expand our sense of play with the world around us.

Most Recently: We wrapped our prototype of War of the Worlds: Philadelphia, a community-based re-imagining of the famous story that combines live performance with mobile gaming to give Philadelphians a chance to unite forces to defend against alien threat in their own hometown.

Up Next: It’s here at last – your opportunity to learn more about The End in all its text-messaging/ role-playing/mortality-exploring glory. On November 21 at 7 PM, Adrienne Mackey will be giving a FREE public talk taking you behind the scenes on the development of the project’s creative philosophy, how the team constructed the experience of The End, why mortality was a meaningful topic to explore through this form, and some of our lessons learned for this project and for durational, technology-driven storytelling at large. And if you attend, there might just be a special surprise for anyone else interested in exploring the intersection of theater and gaming for themselves… Space is limited, so please be sure to go HERE to reserve a spot.