Who Are We?


I’m Adrienne Mackey (she/her), Swim Pony’s Founder and Artistic Director. I’m a believer in creating awesome works of art that also support awesome lives for the artists that make them. I love discovering amazing spaces and enjoy getting my theater out of Theaters. I studied Chemistry alongside directing as a college student which has had a big impact on the way I think about creative process. In addition to creating and directing the artworks you see on Swim Pony’s site, I teach future artists with an inclusive perspective on pedagogy and explore how we understand the human voice, having studied it in a variety of capacities from classical opera to avant-garde Roy Hart technique. The past few years I’ve sung funky backup vocals as “The Truth” for Johnny Showcase and the Mystic Ticket (featured on America’s Got Talent).

Get in touch with me at adrienne@swimpony.org


I’m Sara Wolff (she/her), Swim Pony’s Operations Manager. It’s my job to oversee and coordinate projects from inception to end-of-project data interpretation. I keep track of company timelines, schedules, and whatever else Adrienne and I think might be useful. My background in medical education, first as the Coordinator of the Standardized Patient Program at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, and then as the Simulation Educator for Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, serve me well in this role.

While not at Swim Pony, I participate in advocacy for people with disabilities. I’m a peer supporter for Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania, a matching program for parents of children with disabilities, and I hold a certificate in leadership development through the Institute of Disabilities at Temple University; Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking for Families of Children in Early Intervention. I believe in creating a supportive and accessible world for traditionally underserved groups, including the disability community, and I believe that outside-the-box-art can be a wonderful vehicle for meaningful inclusion and acceptance!

A long time ago, I worked as a theater performer and teaching artist, and it’s super fun to dip my toes back into the art making world with Swim Pony!

Get in touch with me at operations.manager@swimpony.org


I’m Nazlah Black (they/them) or Naz for short and I’m an Administrative Associate at Swim Pony. In addition to assisting Swim Pony in its many endeavors, I am a performer, adventurer, and fledgling baker. I’ve worked as an actor, director, and arts administrator on both coasts and when asked “which coast is the best coast” I usually reply with “it depends on what I’m hungry for.” When I’m not on a plane traveling to a new country or at a museum dreaming about times gone by, you can find me curled up in my blankets either watching esports or reading poetry. I’m a big ol’ nerd and am always down to learn about new fandoms and quirky historical facts. If you have any questions about Swim Pony or any baking tips (how does one laminate dough in the middle of the summer!?) please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get in touch with me at admin@swimpony.org


I’m Jennifer Sung (she/her), an Administrative Associate at Swim Pony. I work on research and communication, which mostly means helping to answer the endlessly interesting question, “Can we do that?” When I’m not at Swim Pony, I can be found working at Asian Arts Initiative in the finance department, or reading a cookbook and thinking about my next meal. I have also worked as a film projectionist and a lab manager. A native of New Jersey, I lived in Chicago for five years before eventually deciding to return to a place where you can get a decent bagel. I love Chicago, but not for the bagels. My other interests include infectious diseases, sports science and languages. If you speak Norwegian, please get in touch.

Get in touch with me at trailoffapp@gmail.com


I’m Sisi Wright (she/her), an Administrative Associate at Swim Pony.  When I’m not supporting the work of Swim Pony, I am a performer, writer, teaching artist and an advocate for art and its capacity to facilitate empathy.  I am fueled by a love of supporting fellow artists and a desire to contribute to the development of the relationships between and opportunities for theatremakers in the Greater Philadelphia community.  I approach life with an optimistic heart and an eager attitude!