Welcome to Campus

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Welcome to Campus is a show that explores what going to college means – what it’s for, how we evaluate its use, and what exactly we think we’re paying for with that tuition – through true accounts of actual students in the midst of the experience.

Get your orientation folder, campus map, and application ready! You’ll need them to come undercover with us and find out what it’s really like to be a student on this “off the admissions map” tour. Audiences will explore the nooks and crannies of an actual campus to see it the way students do it is transformed into a theatrical landscape where scenes emerge magically out of every day life. You might find yourself at a desk in well-used classroom or hanging out in the commuter lounge, on an awkward first date or squeezing into in a tiny dorm room. Maybe even getting kicked out of a place or two…

In short: An outdoor walking tour about what you’re really paying for when you plunk down a college tuition.


Conceived and Directed by: Adrienne Mackey
Created and Performed by:
 Dean Bloomingdale, Garth Frantzen, Camilla Kronenwetter, Carl Roa, Alexis Pozonsky, Colleen Blaho, Natalie Juran, Mikaila Kononchik, Jacob Merinar, Aman Milliones-Roman, Jennifer Vale, and John VanZelst
With Additional Writing by: Connor O’Leary

Production Design by: J Dominic Chacon and Adrienne Mackey
Props by: Molly Warnken
Stage Manager: Samantha Wend
Assistant Stage Manager: Charlie Fraser

A Co-Production with The Mandell Professionals in Residence Project at Drexel University
With funding support from the Samuel S Fels Fund and the Wyncote Foundation


“As awkward and honest as a college freshman.”  -Peter Crimmins, WHYY’s Newsworks

“This is a show that will make you rethink Drexel. It’s also just a fun way to spend two hours, walking around to familiar campus haunts, not quite sure what fun (planned or unplanned) surprise is waiting in the next building.” -Sandra Petri, The Triangle (Drexel’s independent student newspaper)

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