November 2016 – Week-Long Intensive

After a few months of mostly solo work generating prompts, gathering research sources, brainstorming graphic design approaches, and recruiting the “guides” who will help facilitate player experiences, the core team met for a week-long intensive in November 2016. Work this week included…

  • Drafting a timeline for the rest of development;


  • Creating and testing a variety of scenes/prompts;

“Imagine you are holding many stones in your arms. They are so heavy. Walk forward towards the sound of my voice and when I tell you to, go ahead and let go of each of these stones.






-from “Meditation on Letting Go


  • Experimenting with other kinds of card decks to develop an understanding of image and text symbolism;


  • Articulating the visual aesthetic of The End;


and more. But we have to save some surprises… ;)