Winter/Spring 2016

Liz Green and Katonya Mosley joined the core creative team in February 2016, and over the next couple months the full team held a series of meetings to build a compendium of research sources and develop questions (and sometimes answers) around content, structure, audience, marketing, goals, language, and more. Here are just a few of the ideas we explored:

  • Is the game existing all the time in your brain, or is there a container that separates the experience from your everyday life?
  • Are we presenting a worldview, or are we offering a platform for participants to present their own worldview?
  • How do we want to pair guides and players? Should pairs be similar or different from each other? How does age/experience play in?
  • Is “guide” the right title? Do we want something that implies less status differential?
  • How do we make people feel special from the beginning?
  • Do people who are already fulfilled by their lives enjoy this game?
  • Can death be considered as beautiful as birth?
  • How do we maintain audience agency in a scene with a predetermined outcome?