Schuylkill Saved

Game pic.jpg


Schuylkill Saved is a two hour role-playing game that invites its players to help avert an imagined environmental disaster threatening a large body of water much like Philadelphia’s own Schuylkill River. The game is aimed at teenage players ranging from 13 to 18 and is playable nearly anywhere (including outdoors). It takes roughly an hour in duration and requires an adult facilitator to run the experience. The entire group of players (made up of 3 teams) must have 25 points – earned both by playing one’s role and achieving goals that character wants within the role play – at the end of the game in order to win. 

The overall goals of the game are to encourage problem solving, investment in the situation, relationship building, listening, and compromise. Points are awarded for these behaviors in various ways throughout. 

The game’s action unfolds in five rounds, each with a slightly different underlying mechanic. Players will learn the value of listening to each other and find incentive to genuinely hear the concerns of others; see how collaboration and compromise are key to creating consensus across groups of differing needs; sacrifice in order to achieve larger aims; and use their imaginations and personal creativity to propose solutions for large-scale problems.


Written by: Adrienne Mackey & Bradley Wrenn
Graphic layout by: Bradley Wrenn
Commissioned by: The Fairmount Water Works