Checking in

Two months ago it was Christmas. I was in a cabin and desperately trying to get in a bit of writing every day. One of those things was this post about some stuff I hoped I’d make happen in the coming year.

Well part of the idea of this writing as a public project was to make myself culpable, to make sure I had to tell people whether or not I was actually succeeding at the things I was hoping for. So here’s the list again and here’s where we are 2 months into the new year.

In 2013 I want to:

–       Spend a few days making something with a person in Philly I’ve never worked with:

Mmm… Debatable. Since that time I have gotten myself into a new project with Shakespeare in Clark Park where I’ll likely work with a fair number of people I don’t know. But I don’t think that’s the spirit of the thing, so I’m giving myself a “No” on this one.

Amy Smith! I’m looking at you.

–       Sing with a choir:

Nope. Anyone know of any?

–       Work with a visual artist

Talked to a few. No formal collaborations yet.

–       Make something for an audience of less than 10

This I actually HAVE made progress on. We’ll cross-file this under “Make a board game.” Watch for some first experiments coming in April.

–       Look up a bunch of Norse mythology

A teeny tiny bit. Did you know there’s a Norse God named Ull who is Thor’s handsome stepson and presides over snowshoes? 

–       Make a piece that’s no longer than 5 minutes

Some planning in process. Four words: Johnny Showcase Youtube videos.

–       Learn a lot about wine

No! And what’s up with that?

–       Work with (in?) water

Not yet, but again, plans for the summer production.

–       Play the piano

Yes! And I need to do more.

–       Create something performed in another language

No and I totally forgot I even had this on here.

–       Get onstage myself

Again, half credit. I’ve done this with Lefty Lucy Cabaret but since it’s something that I already have a history with, I don’t think it counts yet.

Amy, I’m looking at you again.

–       Make a meal the central focus

Some small experiments with this during Swim Pony game night but I think there’s more to come.

–       Work on a scene from a play I’m not producing, just because its fun

Not yet. Anyone have one they want to play around with?

–       Read a lot about something I never got to take a class on in college

Been reading about the history of domesticity “Home” by Bill Bryson, highly recommend it. Not full credit though.

–       Give myself permission to stop something in the middle

Does cleaning my house count? If not, then no.

–       Take a dance class

Not yet. Dancers, where should I go?

–       Contact a person I’d think would never respond and ask them for coffee

No. And I really should. I’m afraid of this one.

–       Write something creative without a second author

I think I wrote this in a slightly masochistic fashion. The truth is, I think of the writing I do in this space as very creatively satisfying. It works the same muscle as anything I’ve ever written that wasn’t non-fictional. It’s pointedly without a second author. Did I mean it had to have a beginning middle and end? It need to be a play or novel? In any event, I think I’m pretty good on the writing front and I’m giving myself a yes here.

–       Watch another person’s process

This one surprised me. I have talked a lot with others about their process but not had a chance to sit in and watch. Anyone have a rehearsal I can lurk around?

–       Create a board game

Working on it! Some early explorations this spring, a few residency applications thrown to the wind and a lot of reading. I’m feelin’ this one.

All told if I add up some half credit for things I’m in the middle of doing or have made some significant progress on I’m giving myself 3.5 out of 20 items or 17%. Two months into the year is about 17% of the way through 2013.

Ok, ok. That’s somewhat on track. Let’s knock a few more of these out in the coming months…


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