cooltext1368115366What time is it? LADY-FESTO Time!

Mark your calendars friends. It’s official.

From 7 – 9:30pm on March 23rd and 24th at Headlong Studios (formerly the Arts Parlor) The Awesome Lady Squad will write it’s Lady-Festo.

“What, pray tell is a Lady-Festo?” You might be asking yourself.

A Lady-Festo is the document that will lay out the ways our Squad will carry out it’s awesome missions and how we promise to treat each other as Awesome Lady Squad members.

I’ve also recently contacted the Squad with some updates about our goings on and you can read all the details here. The long and the short is, we want your ideas. So come one night or both. And if you can RSVP to so we get a sense of the group size.

If you want to join the Squad email list, have no fear, you can do that RIGHT NOW.

And later this month hammer out a document that will change the face of ladies in the arts for eternity!

Stay awesome.

– A

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