Week 8: Jaime and Magda and Chelsea

Jaime Portrait

Jaime Alvarez is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. While his background is in photography, his work has involved sculpture and installation. He has exhibited work in
the US and internationally. For more information, please see http://www.jaimephoto.com.

Magda and Chelsea Portrait

Magda and Chelsea began collaborating in 2012 while studying at the Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia. Their pieces are composed of self-love, subversive humor, feminist spit, and sexual, angst-ridden cries against society. The genre of their work? Oh, somewhere between TED Talk, modern dance, therapeutic seminar, stand-up comedy, rock concert and abstract theater. Their first piece together: “Rooster and Snowball” has been presented through Jumpstart LiveArts, the LiftOff Festival at the HERE Arts Center, and won the audience favorite award from DanceNow at Joe’s Pub in 2013 where they also performed their second collaborative duet “Singer/Songwriter” in 2014. In December 2014 they premiered their first full evening length piece, “The Vulgar Early Works” at JACK in Brooklyn, also to be presented by FringeArts. The Vulgar EW is a premature retrospective, chronicling all of the work from their first 2.5 years of collaboration. Visit their website for more information: www.everybodygetinthecar.com.

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