The End

An embossed invitation arrives in the mail with your name, a date, and an invitation to an event four weeks in the future. It reads,

            This is The End. What happens between now and then is up to you.

So begins Swim Pony’s latest project, a blend of theater and alternate reality gaming in a month-long, individualized experience for one audience member at a time. Through digital media, snail mail, and live site-based performance, The End will use small daily interactions to guide participants to imagine living their lives in the last month before they die. Players will have the opportunity to reflect on who and what has meaning to them, face fears about mortality and loss of potential, and perhaps even make lasting change for their future through a cultivated journey designed personally for them.

Meghann's ID back

On this site, you can learn about the core team creating the project, get progress updates from development, and check out some of the sources we’ve used to help put the show together.

If you have feedback about the project or any mortality-related experiences of your own you’d like to share, please send us an email at!

Applications to play are now closed. You will hear from us soon if you applied, and we look forward to beginning May 1!