The End

A package arrives in the mail. Inside is an invitation that reads:

Your presence is requested at The End.

A date four weeks away follows, but no location is given, yet. Then:

What happens between then and now is up to you… 

So begins Swim Pony’s The End, an individualized experience combining text message conversation, alternate reality game, and theatrical installation. For 28 days, a mysterious entity called “The End” guides each journeyer via text message to draw a card from their deck, unlocking a corresponding “quest” challenging them to consider mortality or what brings meaning to their life.

Over the course of a month, journeyers build a customized mission for their gameplay and reflect with The End about their experiences. At last, on drawing one final card, their initial invitation brings them to a culminating event they will remember for the rest of their lives.



“The End was a glorious, joyous, unexpected, and complicated piece that has changed my life. I’ve learned an entirely new mindset with which to face life and I am forever grateful.”





The End had its first beta play-through in May 2017 with a group of 58 extraordinary and thoughtful players. Stay tuned to this page (or sign up for our mailing list) for updates sharing behind-the-scenes info on The End and announcements about the full premiere of the game.