Nick Cassaway

Week 1: Liz and Nick

Liz portrait

Harpist Elizabeth Huston has dedicated much of her career to furthering audience appreciation of music by living composers through advocacy, education, and performances, and has been credited with helping to “bring the harp into the 21st century” by Harp Columneditor Kimberly Rowe. Her 2014 show 14 Sequenzas was acclaimed as the “Most daring presentation of classical music in 2015” by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Elizabeth received her master’s degree in harp performance from Temple University. Since graduation, she has maintained a rigorous performance schedule, including solo appearances in the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, the Grand Ballroom of the Philadelphia Conference Center, Dalet Art Gallery, the Maas Center for Performing arts, among others. She has performed harp composition workshops at Temple University and Western Washington University, as well as one-on-one work with composers across the US.  Elizabeth is currently serving her first term as the president of the Philadelphia Chapter Harp Society.


Nick portrait


Nick Cassway received a BFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art in 1990. He has exhibited his drawings, prints as well as site specific installations both locally and nationally. He is deeply vested in the Philadelphia arts community and was formerly the executive director of NEXUS/foundation for today’s art. Nick currently teaches computer graphics, editorial design and brand identity at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design and is a current Fellow in CFEVA’s Visual Artist Fellowship program.


The Logic Model

Here. Listen to this while you read. It’ll help you know what to feel.









What do you wanna do?








I dunno.







What do you wanna do?







(first days are funny things)






What do you do to warm up?
What are the mechanics of what you do?






What are the restrictions?




Can I try?






Did you know that the average age of a classical music audience member in 1995 was 55 years old and today it’s 75 years old? The same people have been listening to classical music for the last twenty years.



What’s gonna happen when they die?





Take this survey.
It’ll tell you what to think.



Don’t worry it opens in a new tab so you don’t lose us.


Also keep the music playing while you do it





And don’t worry. I logged on with Facebook too.

It’s secure.





Y’know what, I lied. I didn’t actually log on with Facebook. I created a password and used my e-mail.





But I’m sure it’s still secure.





Did you feel like the survey answer was true to your personality type?








….did you even take the survey?







Maybe it would be better if I drew a picture to show you what the week was like…


A. The beginning, and questions about beginnings. An empty room promising [perhaps overwhelming] possibility. Three people sitting on the wooden studio floor, knees up, notebooks open. What if…?
















D. Laughing and weaving lies. Stealing from artist statements, personality quizzes, and the Chinese zodiac. What if we winked at the ways we try to tell each other what to think and how to feel? What if we gave the audiences a survey and then assigned them a “personality type” at random?



What’s next for you?



Week 1 Photo Gallery

Photos by Adachi Pimentel