On the smaller side

Quick update my last post: there were a couple numbers off (not anything huge, just a few percentage points in specific design categories) and I’ve updated these. I also found the 3D bar graphs tough to read so I’ve converted them back to 2D.

And without any more ado, here’s four companies (Azuka, Flashpoint, Inis Nua, and Simpatico) that fall on the small theater end. According to the same site I used yesterday, three of these companies had revenues listed less than $200,000, putting them at least a quarter of the size of the companies from the last post, in some cases much less. Simpatico’s info wasn’t listed there or on Guidestar’s website so I’m making an educated guess here on size.

More to come tomorrow on how we might start interpreting this data.

azuka stats azuka graph

flashpoint stats flashpoint graph

inis nua stats inis nua graph

simpatico stats simpatico graph



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